Concrete Recycling – Asphalt Recycling



Working in conjunction with mobile recycling plants located at four locations, Allied Asphalt is able to demonstrate their commitment to a policy of environmentally responsible business practices by processing recyclable construction materials and returning them to economic value while not impacting the local landfills.  Recycled products include Shingles, Asphalt and Concrete.

Broken Concrete and Broken Asphalt Dumping Price List

For more information on dumping Broken Concrete or Broken Asphalt Call (847) 628-6650

•  Please make every effort to call in orders to the plants no later than 1:00pm for the following day.

  All materials subject to availability, call plant to confirm.

  Prices are F.O.B. at plant locations and subject to change without notice.

  We reserve the right to accept, refuse or reject any or all material hauled in for dumping.

  Dumping of broken asphalt, asphalt grindings, or broken concrete is limited to available dump space at plant.

  Check “Dumping Regulations” and required paperwork before attempting to dump at any location.

  Sales tax will be added to all sales unless a tax exempt certificate is received prior to purchase.